Belleville Boots truly are a tribute to American excellence. This company has been in business for over 100 years and started as a neighborhood operation selling boots for men and young boys. They branched off to selling boots for the military and became a original manufacturer supplier for the United States Army in 1924. Have a long tradition of utilizing high quality materials in their footwear such as top grain leather cow hide sourced from the United States. The utilize triple stitching in many of the scenes on their boots and also only the cutting edge top materials such as Gore-Tex for waterproofing protection and Thinsulate for increased cold-weather resistance for those particular environments. Many soldiers in the field love their Belleville boots because of the durability and comfort they offer. Clever design features such as side vents are which promote ventilation and cooling of the feet are present and can make the difference between a horrible experience and a successful mission. The Belleville the Belleville shoe company provides over 3000 pairs of boots to civilians and military all over the world out of their American factory located in Illinois

A Tribute to American Excellence: Belleville Military Boots

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