Belleville boots have been making top-quality footwear for military and law enforcement since 100 years ago. New soldiers and recruits from the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard depend on their footwear to get them through their missions. Whether it requires high temperature, amphibious operations, many of these professionals need to depend on the highest quality equipment on the market today. There are dozens of military manufacturers that produce quality gear but the importance of having a good pair of military boots cannot be exaggerated. Starting from a small shoe operation back in the early 1900s, Belleville started out as a small operation making men and boys should use by hand. Many of these small operations came about at the turn-of-the-century. Belleville is unique in the sense that it small operation grew to a large size within just over a decade. Helicopter pilots, military aviators, and special operations forces depend on their gear to help them achieve their mission. When top comfort and durability are a priority, products made in the United States are some of the best in the world. When it comes to dedication, courage, and excellence soldiers in the field may deploy for several months in harsh weather conditions such as in the middle east. Temperatures can range anywhere from 130° to 40° at night time a good pair I have boots is essential for maintaining a healthy and proper lifestyle. For that health is essential to becoming one of the best and top performers in the field and maintaining a good lifestyle. Gore-Tex uppers, Thinsulate booties, and steel toes are all part of quality boots that will perform up until you can take them apart when it comes to weight lifting, or physical activity such as running, a proper pair of shoes is essential. The first area of concern is comfort where there is adequate shock absorption when heels striking the ground. Adequate ventilation is a another factor. This can come in the form of a mesh upper and ventilation ports which bring fresh air into the shoe and away from the foot while wicking moisture at the same time. Probably the most important part of a boot is the outer protection it provides when rubbing up against objects or having hazardous things fall on your foot. Foot health is essential as the US military. Stay in Vietnam during the feet it now means for people. In other essential part of the health is proper arch and ankle support. This will allow the soldier or professional to avoid injuries which may hinder the mission or affect the strength of the wearer. Often times a small irritation worsens when it comes to foot irritations such as blisters, and hotspots which are attributed to improperly fitting footwear which can be painful at times. One way to avoid this is to obtain properly fitted shoes and an boots. Belleville goes the app extra mile by incorporating many comfort and protective features which give the user confidence in the field.

A Belleville Tradition of Making Quality Boots

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