The Tactical Research Khyber series was produced by Belleville Boot Company specifically for our troops operating in Afghanistan. This type of terrain involves mountainous inclines and declines that make traversing difficult. A traditional combat boot would not provide exceptional performance in this environment because of the large profile and a host of other key features of that will be discussed shortly. The first feature of the Tactical Research Khyber series military boot is the padded insoles which provides extremely good shock attenuation away from the joints and parts of the foot that are susceptible to injury. It is important to wear a properly supportive boot to prevent any type of strain and fatigue on the tendons in the foot. This can result in a condition called plantar fasciitis that is classified as a foot injury and grounds for duty release. The second key feature of the Khyber series boot is a heel cup. The purpose of this is to provide adequate support for the fuel and ankle. This is extremely helpful of in situations where ankle injuries may occur such as a twisting or a fall where the ankle absorbs all of the shock and force them of the weight of the soldier. They heel cup will enable the direction of the foot to follow the soldier therefore reducing a twisting motion and decreasing the chance for injury. Other key features of this boot is a padded tongue which is a comfort feature and provides good padding and reduction of injuries from rubbing of material onto the skin. A moisture wicking lining keeps of feet cool and dry and brings any type of perspiration or precipitation to the outside of the boot where it can evaporate into the air. An extremely aggressive tread pattern was designed by firebrand to specifically address the loose terrain of the mountains out of Afghanistan. This tread pattern involves sharp lugs which grab onto tree roots, rocks, and AIDS specifically during high agility activities such as a row propelling, wall climbing, and heel sliding down a declines. The Tactical Research Khyber comes in three different colors. Sage green is for the United States Air Force and is approved for uniform wear with the airmen combat uniform which is now used worldwide. The desert tan color version is designed and approved for use with the Army in their combat uniform. And there is a olive green version which is intended for use with the low CP uniform. The tactical research line is made in China under strict manufacturing conditions to ensure our quality two of the highest degree. When it comes to an excellent value boot that is guaranteed to help you achieve your mission, the Tactical Research Khyber by Belleville boots will not let you down

Belleville Boots Introduces Tactical Research Khyber Line

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