The model 700 waterproof Gore-Tex boot is one of the top models when it comes to Belleville Gore Tex Boots . It is the most popular model among law-enforcement and security personnel all over the world. Belleville shoe company  is proud to the newest product offering is the Belleville 700 Gore Tex Boot. They collect amount and hybrid boot because we recognize that it’s not a true combat boot. The military requires a very stiff whether it’s a hybrid because we put performance features in the outsold in the upper that allow it to be warning very rugged territory and it allows the boot to be very effective in loose rock and dirt  for the soldier if they are in a slide which is also called to go outside. In mountain climbing terms, they can use the serrations to begin to gain traction and hopefully arrest that slide. Those are two unique features that most other boots do not have. The first is moving to the bottom of the sole in Belleville Gore Tex Boots. The Vibram sole is loaded with sharp leading edge lugs which provides traction in rocky and rough terrain. The outsole also has a 90° degree heels which is very important because it allows the soldier to use the heel support of the technology. This begins with the outsole which was developed in conjunction with Vibram. Belleville 700 engineers designed the Ibex outsole for those curious is an native Afghan mountain goat. For anyone that is seen the maneuverability and the agility of mountain goats we think this is excellent. An outsole gives the soldier an opportunity to have more mobility and more agility. Starting with the design your notice the toe is very unusual this is a fully serrated toe. The purpose of this is so a soldier trying to gain a purchase either on a mountain side in rock or over a wall. This gives the soldier the opportunity to get traction using their heel. Also Belleville put the very same treatment in all their Belleville Gore Tex Boots. The back of the heel that you care you see you again it is serrated here this provides excellent traction in wet weather where a hot weather combat boot will get wet.

A Soldier’s Perspective on the Belleville 700 Gore Tex Boot

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