The Belleville shoe company has released some of the most requested boots by law enforcement officers in recent years. It is called the Fat Maxx series tactical boot line and was specifically designed for law officers and policeman that are do a lot of standing and walking duty. In order words, professionals that are always on their feet and need the comfort of a boot that will not fatigue the body and stay dry and cool for your long duty. One of the best places to buy these boots is from These guys are the best in the business and offer exceptional customer service. They also have combined military experience of over 40 years. Tactical Research Fat Maxx boots wears quite well inside for police duty. One of the features is Ortholite, another high-end material that you’re seeing across made that top running shoes. For comfort, you’re slowly sing it being adopted by many other brands because it compares to Superfeet. Boot technology such as Ortholite is a blown polyurethane fill my feet be allowed to breathe. These high end materials will not compress over the life of the boot. The US Army uses high-end Vibram soles that are durable. It’s a stain resistant split suede and water will fall off its not 100% waterproof.  Since it is a stain resistant right here we use a very durable nylon mesh it’s a single layer mesh that allows your feet to be dry and comfortable. That is extremely breathable if your boots keep your foot happy and it rings. You’re not going to have this much of health issues taking a normal military soldier and get inside the boot.  Tactical Research Fat Maxx boots you can see right here that the nylon cordura right through that’s a good indication.  Police and SWAT professionals say that tactical boots you can definitely walk on rough terrain.  Through it and feel the air go through the boot upper and go in and out future that we use we use. Military operations requires Tactical Research Fat Maxx boots and modified paracord for missions.  Actually an 550 paracord is actually made with a lot of nylon a lot of other brands use polyester when you use nylon.

Tactical Research Fat Maxx Boots Released

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