The praise of minimalist footwear has also affected combat in military boots over the past two years. Belleville boots have also released a few of these models. The alleged benefits of minimalist footwear mainly point at the strengthening of the lower leg and foot muscles and a repurpose thing of the biomechanics of walking. These were the stated benefits by large companies such as Vibram who were responsible for the first models that were named five fingers. Not surprisingly, there were post-of injuries that were reported by users in the field. Minimalist boots such as the Rocky C4T for the and Reebok Rapid Response were responsible for numerous injuries in the field that were documented by soldiers. Many of these soldiers reported fatigue, a lack of 5 foot support, arch pain, blisters due to hot spots. Injury prevention is a major concern for the military because any down time during operations or deployments results in a decrease of mission success and can be very costly to the military. These injuries come from the high impact of physical activity that is associated with military operations. Troops in the field are often running, jumping, rope rappelling, and sprinting and require adequate shock absorption to release the injuries to joints and knees. These transition airy shoes that offer less padding than traditional combat boots are not suitable for activities other than training and should not be used for military deployments or active duty operations. One of the manufacturers that supports this notion is the Belleville shoe company. Who is responsible for the many mill series and have since come out with a transition boot designed to address the shortfalls of traditional minimalist footwear. These key features such as a 5 mm drop as opposed to a zero drop results in adequate performance improvements with also the ability to reduce industry and injury to the soldier. Midsole thickness is also a another key area where the transition boot was made thicker to provide more impact absorption. Shin stress would be distributed amongst the toe of the boot and would aid running in biomechanics. One study addressed the minimalist shoes leading to a forefoot strike. This industry would have to accurately identify which parts of the anatomy went specifically be affected. Foot injuries are very common among soldiers in the field because of the intense physical commands required by military duty. The aim of minimalist footwear would be mainly to provide comfort and longevity to aid soldiers in their performance and ability to work long hours in the field.

The Controversy Over Minimalist Combat Boots

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