When SWAT troops asked for an aggressive styled boot that would be ideal for intense physical activity, the Tactical Research TR505 was the answer. These boots come in several military colors including Army tan and Air force Sage Green boots. A non steel toe boot was developed for hazardous use. Whether it’s sold does a wonderful job with his boots they use the highest possibly good for this type of military boot. Belleville shoe engineers finish off the top of the┬áTactical Research TR505 real nice with a cowhide boot leather. I believe it’s pig or goat I’m not a hundred percent of what this top layer is. It’s one of the two but it is baby but soft just like the rest. The boot is super soft now in years past they were good had a real hard time with this boot wearing out prematurely. The sole primarily would start to wear down this way or that way so they’ve doubled the life of the boot by improving the sole. Buy the Tactical Research TR505 with the hopes and dreams of one day that they’re going to cut the sole off and resole. This tactical boot you know what that’s a great hope it’s a great dream but the reality is a boot. It’s made to last and is built on a list that says soft if you’re working it if you’re kicking a shovel. If you’re climbing ladders if you’re doing whatever you do to make a living. by the time this boot is worn out it’s going to look like this it’s going to be on a worn to the insole.

Introducing the Tactical Research TR505 by Belleville Boots

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