Belleville Shoe took one great boot design and made it even better. The Belleville Maxx Lineup features a slip grip bottom and a fairly aggressive tread for this type of military style boot. It’s got an additional strike plate in this area so that will prevent ground wear out fairly quickly. The knobs on the bottom were designed specifically for slip resistance and also the tracks well within the outsole itself. This boot was built for water disbursement and its lightweight design makes it ideal for running or for garrison duty. Soldiers will get a lot of flexibility throughout the heel for the upper portion of the boot. The outsole was glued on and also stitched on the bottom for strength that’s there so that you don’t have a separation from which is fairly common in this area. It’s got a nice outer counter heel should take the boots off and also walking on any type of terrain. This will give you some balancing back on the outside with the different support areas. A waterproof bootie provides a screen of protection so if you’re in sandy dirt or mud, water won’t penetrate the outer layer of the boot.  A speed lace system also has the traditional 550 parachute cord that is also lightweight material. This particular tactical boot does not have perforations which are included in the new model as well as the top of the boot. Belleville boot company has really set the bar higher with these new models coming out in 2016.

Introducing the Belleville MAXX Series Tactical Boot Lineup

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