The Belleville 590 US MC combat boot was designed for Marine Corps soldiers looking for a top quality durable yet comfortable boot for training and operations. The Belleville 590 incorporates multi-directional lugs and right angle knobs for maximum traction in all types of terrain. They use a serrated toe bumper to help with climbing over obstacles and incorporates a heel bumper that will help you stop on the downhill. This full grain leather and nylon boot incorporates vent holes so they’ll keep you dry so that helps get perspiration out and keep the boot cool. Its an army approved boot and add Air Force approved sage green. These Berry compliant boots are made 100% in our US factories from US components and incorporate a dual density outsole. These boots are the lightest weight in their class. The insole is super flexible according to the comments and reviews taken into account in corrections made. This is what you get when Belleville develops a product and there are definitely a lot of features incorporated in this boot that I really enjoy I cannot park the outstanding boot. But the heel starting at the top the collar nicely padded hot and not just padded but material is a bit of a stretchy material see materials use them at home again nicely padded a bit stretchy. It really weaves a nice secure it really feels like it fits you well the leasing is interesting. These boots wear very fast and easy on easy off I did a great job of keeping tension on the instep of blood which seek to heal prevent the foot from moving the boots which is what causes blisters but the same time you can achieve optimal balance.

A Marines Best Friend: The Belleville 590 USMC Boot

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