And you have the full 8 inch height you get your drain holes I do drink rather quick I do have a decent amount how you were here so I’m rainy day you’re not gonna get water and the only way you’re gonna get water and here’s if you actually step into a creek or river puddle at the puddle on my word is it working rain all the time in Florida if anybody knows for a reason how it just rains and I never have I have never gotten wet even going down here only time a gangway is walking through rivers walking out on the beach into the water use low damage whatsoever things are still tight I can’t say enough about him so you know it’s Christmas time if you got somebody that’s looking for a pair of boots is gonna last these Belleville boots are great payment to gear update based little weird angle there but anyway I wound up buying because of them busting nuts three thank the orbits of here is the things are so stiff way I was gonna leave without them I mean come for it was insane almost just walk up there and with price on the other one Is number foot that’s how comfortable they were and this is something that mimics barefoot running and there’s been a major trend now in minimalistic footwear and in barefoot running at the name Bible sounds familiar to you it’s because the vibrant people are also the premier outsole makers in the world they been a provider about souls to the Belleville boot company for over 40 years so for us we begin to get calls about a year ago from our customers in the military and law-enforcement segments where we service marketplace asking if we had any duty boots that were built on an animalistic platform and at the time we did what we wanted to do was to join fourth

Reviewing the Belleville 610Z Military Boot

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