U.S. soldiers depend on their gear and military boots are no exception. The Belleville 950 boot was designed specifically for military ruck marches. Belleville boots were made for military looking for durable, long lasting footwear. I don’t have to have lunch with me I can’t have that one just to get by soles have a seat right on a real nice all one piece kind of construction. These boots have a very sturdy leather upper that you could run in. They come in several colors including desert tan and sage green for Air Force personnel. The┬áBelleville 950 boot if you needed to wanted to initially going to run the big thing on it they give you more room in the toe. That’s good and bad if you weren’t then stops it’s horrible you don’t want to wear wool military socks with these. The other option is better because you’re walking down here you’re going to slide in and out on rocky surfaces. It’s never good okay so if anybody is looking for a new tactical boots. Actually over this but I think the more I think there are better built for any kind of tactical duty. Belleville designed this boot as a combat service boot and they’re in the black.

Rucking in the Belleville 950 Boot

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