The Belleville 390 DES combat boot was one of the first modern desert boots to be utilized by US military personnel in Afghanistan and the Middle East. This boot is made in Belleville, Illinois and is both Berry compliant and American-made. Some of the key design features which makes this such a highly rated boot amongst military members are as follows. It is a boot that stands 8 inches tall which is standard military height of two protect from environments such as high foliage and grass which can cut skin. It features a 550. Cord lacing system with speed laces to to aid with fast entry and removal of the boot. A 100% leather cowhide upper is made it to a high-quality by Bram outsole. The outsole design works very well and provides excellent traction on both loose and smooth surfaces such as Sandy environments or sidewalks. It features a gusseted tongue which is a highly sought after design feature in the Middle East and other areas where sand is a problem. This prevents sand from dropping into the boot which can provide other problems such as blisters and hotspots and dirt entering your feet. A high-quality polyurethane midsole provides excellent shock absorption to protect your knees and ankles and reduces fit Teague significantly during long duty missions. This boot is ideal for rocking several miles in the desert with a 50 pound pack and rifle for many miles which is typical for military deployments. The Belleville shoe company has done an excellent job of creating a well-made American product that will serve soldiers and professionals for years to come.

Soldier Opinions of the Belleville 390 DES Desert Tan Army Boot

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