The Tactical Research Kiowa boot was originally designed for tactical desert teams in Afghanistan looking for tactical boots used for special operations. This boot has an unlined upper that is ideal for hot weather operations. Drainage vents make way for cooling air to remove moisture and wetness from the boot liner and result in a boot your feet will appreciate. Video on knees Tactical Research boots first quick disclaimer. I’m doing this on my phone so it maybe not be the best quality. But I’m gonna do it again I pick those boots up about 2 months ago. It’s a really great price from somebody was selling used military boots. I got them while in the Army for my deployment to Afghanistan but they were in great condition. This is basically how they came out and I’m already passing them out. Seeing how they fit how they how comfortable they are how they stand up to different hot weather conditions. These high quality Tactical Research boots doing well and they’re still looking great. The day I got them I know these are more like summer desert boots and don’t have the Gore Tex lining. I’ve been able to ruck march in them that yet so I can’t necessarily say how great they are. Tactical Research desert boots are phenomenal at least considering that’s what  the military uses in the desert. These boots like these are similar lined boots by Belleville in the 1990s. I am looking forward to see how they do in the snow and stuff I want to make a two-mile hike. Take a look at this Tactical Research boots made for waterproof work. It’s a full grain leather boot and 900 nylon cordura. This is a waterproof boot so you can work in muddy wet conditions and Tactical Research guarantees your feet will stay dry. It has a rubber outsole with lugs for outdoor work and military operations. The outsole was a soils and slips to take you from outside to indoors. They help you maintain your footing inside the boot or comfort features maximize durability. There’s a nylon check for our support and a breatheable mesh lining that manages sweat. You also get an high energy bed foot bed with memory foam for versatile operations. A waterproof work boot get the rocky retraction will prove valuable.


Tactical Research Boots for Tough Environments

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