Tactical Research Minimil Boots were created for the soldier athlete looking for an extremely lightweight low-profile boot. A key feature is requires stand up to the rigors of military training. Some of the key features of this boot are a zero heel to toe drop which makes it very similar to a Vibram five fingers footwear. This forces and trains muscles in your lower leg and feet to compensate for the lack of support. It is important to note that there is a break-in. For your feet and legs to get used to this different style of footwear. Especially those who are used to a full-size combat boot and utilize a walking date. This means where you roll your heel to the toe with every step. The second main feature for the Tactical Research Minimil Boots is a very wide toe box. This provides added agility and stability to tasks that require balance and climbing. This is unlike a typical full-size combat boot which tends to be clumsy and large. These boots are extremely light weight at around 15 ounces and have been constructed of only the finest quality cowhide and suede on the market today. Advanced Technology in adhesives allows a speechless upper to be mated to a Vibram outsole to prevent failures in the field. Some soldiers have complained of heel blisters in the back of the boot. This is due to most likely incorrect sizing where a boot is to small. The result is rubbing up against the back of the Achilles’ heel, especially when traversing uphill. This brings me to my next point which is this sizing of this boot. This boot runs a half to a full size smaller than a conventional running shoe. So just keep that in mind when buying these because incorrect boot sizing can make the difference between an excellent and very poor fitting boot. Belleville shoe created these boots which have been welcomed and accepted by the US military and special forces looking for tactical style lightweight training boots. You can purchase these at our recommended combat boot vendor.

Previewing Tactical Research Minimil Boots

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