The Tactical Research Kiowa Boot was first released in 2008 as one of the company’s flagship boot models. The TR303 boot that it’s a double I didn’t have the day. Actually have a broken toe from military training and it doesn’t sit down well. I never went to the hospital had it fixed so it sorta feels funny but so is life and these combat boots are fantastic. In fact if you could see me I’m actually in my thoughts right now. I spoke to a rep a Tactical Research boots and I had to take the boots off to this video accompany the Gore Tex waterproof liner. These hot weather military boots are not made in Oregon however a lot of people probably are okay with overseas produced footwear. We really have been on the item if you were to give this to somebody they would never know the quality. The outsole is really what needs to be durable in hot weather use. If the quality wasn’t there I wouldn’t have bought it anyway. Military boots are imported they still make plenty other boots in Portland. In fact soldiers prefer the intermediate one of these that allow the Marines are issued. Your eyes are still mainly West free me I was in the service so I don’t know the exact raining I guess they call it but is a certified for military use. Obviously you can’t wear any army footwear you want that be military certified footwear and these are. I think that was probably one of the primary reasons a lot of people over in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think the Tactical Research Kiowa Boot was simply too much for the Portland production and so in order to keep him and I have somewhere to go to somewhere else important and it’s a little bit different.

My Thoughts on the Tactical Research Kiowa Boot

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