Military training is the foundation for a success mission. Belleville engineers developed the Belleville Minimil Boot in 2010 as a response to Navy Seals looking for training footwear. Find my boots today when is the video for the bog military boots.  Gore Tex gets a little dirty but holds up well a really in wet settings. I’d mention that I saw the Belleville Minimil Boot at the military exchange. You know I really hesitate to wear these because it’s a pain in the butt to get them resoled. They’re not going to have the same tread rubber compound and you know these need to be cleaned up because we just took them out. Soldiers find them actually kind of been rainy and warm here so they’re a inexpensive boot. I really don’t want to wear these out any sooner than they need to be and I didn’t buy a second pair of those. They are kind of reserved for you know the days when I got over back in the days. When we’re not just going out for even an overnight unless specifically. I know that area used to wear Belleville Minimil Boot in Seattle quite a bit because a lot of the given the short day hikes. It’s a lot of erosion and rocks and especially just the roots the past get worn down. There’s little root sticking out well sort of like the balls your feet soles are stiff enough to break that and that how many guys you can’t do that. So I wanted more than I probably wanted to you for day hikes in Seattle I didn’t really want to wear my workout boots. Talking about desert tan boots, I want to get another pair that I was looking for Bates. These can ruck many miles in a locally and I’ve spoken about my distaste for and ordering. I still do it but clothing and especially boots. Something is going to be on your feet I want to feel it I want to touch it I want to know how it feels on my on my feet. The specs on this and see the Belleville Minimil Boot is excellent.

Training in the Belleville Minimil Boot

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