Belleville boots produces several different models which are designed for different type of environments ranging from hot dry weather like that of the Persian Gulf to extreme freezing wet environments such as that found in Alaska. The Belleville 700 is Belleville’s entry-level waterproof boot. It features a Gore-Tex liner which is designed to wick moisture away from the foot to the outer layers of the boot where it can evaporate into the air. This technology is extremely effective when it comes to wet weather or people that have issues with perspiration inside their footwear. However the drawback is it does add insulation to the boot so temperatures over 60° may be too hot for this type of footwear. The Belleville 700 also features a high-quality polyurethane outsole as opposed to an EVA outsole. The primary difference is polyurethane is a longer-lasting material and could provides excellent shock absorption. However it is heavy. The EVA outsole is more better suited for a lightweight footwear such as running shoes but it comes at the cost of eventually compressing over time which equates to a higher frequency of placing your footwear. This is an excellent all-around leather boot which features an upper made out of breathable nylon cord or a the Gore-Tex bootie provides waterproof protection all the way to the top of the boot which is an 8 inch military height. A Vibram tread pattern provides all around him excellent traction in both loose and smooth terrain such as urban environments to loose gravel in the mountains. The second boot talked about is the 390 by DES which is primarily designed for army troops operating in the Persian Gulf. This boot is designed for hot weather performance where all men unlined upper provides adequate cooling him all the way to 130°. Several key features help keep feet dry and cool. One example is the ventilation ports on the instep of each boot. Two of these ports are included on each boot and provide adequate cooling and temperature control inside the boot. A suede upper provides very good.camouflage into the light terrain such as the desert sand. I speed lacing system provides easy and quick entry and removal of the boot for soldiers so that are constantly on the go and need a fast uniform changes. These boots are all made in the U night estate and are very amendment compliant. When it comes to selecting the proper pair of, boots, a quality brand like Belleville will over deliver and you will have a pair of quality footwear that will last for years to come.

Two Belleville Boot Models For Two Different Applications

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